Financial Advisory

Decisions related to financial management – whether at the investment or financing end –  stand at the very core of companies’ value creation process.

  • Valuation Services

  • Development of Financial Models

  • Corporate Financial Advisory

  • Deal Structuring
  • Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

  • Risk Analysis and Management

The Best Financial Consulting Firm You Can Count On!

Positioned as a top financial advisory firm, our delivery is backed by profound research, rigorous analysis of the situation in place and surrounding factors. Our consulting team explores the best alternatives, uncovers investment opportunities and risks, and provides objective and constructive recommendations. The recommendations are then followed by a step by step guidance throughout the implementation phase of the solutions provided to the firm.

Business Engineering and Strategic Consulting

Whether the client needs a complete revamping of the structure, a strategic plan, process re-engineering, or advice on strategy implementation, we make sure that the right answers and solutions are delivered:

  • Strategy Shaping

  • Restructurings and Change Management

  • Business Portfolio Review

  • Redesigning Organizational Structures
  • Performance Measurement and Management

We acknowledge that strategic planning is not a stand-alone process. We take into consideration all surrounding factors such as the company’s human and capital resources, the competitive environment, the industry trends, and the economic and regulatory conditions.

Corporate Governance Services

Preqster. is the perfect partner to walk companies through every step of a corporate governance restructuring program and build a governance culture that is engraved within the firms’ daily operations:

  • Assessment & Action Plan

  • Drafting of Operational Documents

  • Implementation Support and Guidance

  • Family Firm Governance.
  • Investment Feasibility Services

Preqster.’s corporate governance experts have provided enormous contributions to full-scale restructuring programs with a special focus on the EEA Region. Our team has provided as well advisory and guidance on the regulations and practices of corporate governance set forth by international and regional regulators.




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